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These are the committees defined within Gold Coast Neighbors Association. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
To ensure a beautiful neighborhood, the Beautification Committee encourages residents to keep their homes and properties in magnificent condition. The committee assists with the beautification of Goudy Square Park parkways, monitors the condition of parkways around the Gold Coast, provides oversight of contractors involved in parkway maintenance, and communicates at-risk properties to the appropriate alderman's office. The committee also presents the Annual Beautification Awards to residential and business owners in the neighborhood and financially supports the installation of a sculpture in our Gold Coast neighborhood annually.
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The Communications Committee writes and produces newsletters, eblasts, event programs, signage, solicitation and thank-you letters, and social media posts and maintains the content on the GCNA website. Communications also works with the On-Line Committee to determine the appropriate venue and message to disseminate our messages. The committee also edits, compiles, and publishes neighborhood news coverage for our community. In addition, the committee liaisons with the appropriate aldermen, state senators, state reps, and bordering neighborhood associations to publish of-interest news from our area and provides GCNA event and community information to the media.
The Events Committee is responsible for organizing and carrying out hospitality and fund-raising events for the Gold Coast Neighbors Association. Traditionally, this has included spring’s Toast to the Coast, late summer’s Evening On Astor block party, and family-favorite Best in Gold Coast Dog Show. For these larger events, the committee will organize a subcommittee of volunteers for that event only. If group events are not advisable due to health concerns, the committee will consider online events to safely promote neighborhood hospitality.
The Fundraising Committee seeks out and develops financial donors and sponsors to underwrite events, projects, and initiatives and to provide general operating funds for GCNA. Working with the Events Committee, the Fundraising Committee is responsible for identifying sponsors and assisting with ticket sales for events. For projects and initiatives such as the Safety Patrol, the Fundraising Committee will target donors for restricted funds donations. For general operating funds, the Fundraising Committee will organize appeals and solicitations from GCNA members and concerned parties.
The History & Education Committee creates programming for GCNA members and neighborhood residents on topics about our community’s past and present. The committee researches the history of neighborhood streets, structures, and people for inclusion in newsletters and website articles. The committee also acts as a liaison with the Chicago History Museum, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and other area organizations to locate historic and educational information and maintains the local bibliography on the GCNA website. The History & Education Committee also sponsors lectures featuring local experts discussing key historical and educational events. The committee organizes forums featuring current and aspiring elected officials discussing events of significance to the Gold Coast community.
The Membership Committee identifies and evaluates initiatives to build and retain GCNA membership. The committee plans and implements membership drives and recruiting opportunities, events, and mailings. It monitors membership statistics and examines how GCNA activities and policies impact enrollment and retention of members.
The Online Committee is responsible for supporting Gold Coast Neighbors Association and its committees in their efforts to reach the appropriate audiences digitally. The Online Committee works closely with the Communications Committee and other committees to provide digital access for activities. The committee provides technical support, while the Communications and other committees provide the content.
The President’s Council Committee connects presidents and/or professional managing agents of condominium, co-op, and rental buildings with GCNA and with each other to share information and advice on neighborhood resources, large structure maintenance, and service vendor selection. The council promotes and facilitates networking between building associations and property managers on common issues and concerns, especially best safety practices both in and outside residential buildings.
The Safety Committee is responsible for issues concerning personal and property safety in the Gold Coast neighborhood. The committee collaborates with the 18th District Police Station and 2nd, 42nd and 43rd Ward Aldermanic offices. The committee works in partnership with Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) and attends CAPS meetings. Occasionally, when deemed integral to carrying out the mission of GCNA, the committee will observe and examine merchants’ associations and other safety programs. The Safety Committee monitors and coordinates the Safety Patrol program, overseeing the outside contractor who provides Safety Patrol services.
The Zoning Committee examines all changes of zoning and building permit applications in the Gold Coast. The committee coordinates community meetings for project proposals in the Gold Coast with the appropriate alderman. The committee also monitors City of Chicago zoning and planning meetings, reviews building activity in the neighborhood, including signage and fencing, and evaluates proposed projects in the area that are subject to the Commission of Chicago Landmarks’ regulations.